Win the Food Fight™

Win the Food Fight™

Win the Food FightGet the facts that I learned as I lost over 70 pounds, the same facts that have helped hundreds lose weight permanently!

Feel like you’re in a perpetual battle with food in your life?

When we want to lose weight, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on food.  But, as my clients hear me say, there is no bad food.  We can however, behave in a negative way with food.  More important than trying to control food is understanding your behavior with food.  That’s the real issue to solve.

Learn lessons that will propel you into positive action and a better relationship with food.

“I love these audios! They really really clarified a lot for me. I blamed all my eating on my own stupidity before I learned the things you teach on the disks. I’ve listened to them over and over. Every time I get a little more information. I’m doing great at recognizing emotional eating now and starting to tackle other types. I’m so much more aware, I’ve even been able to help my friends and husband see why they’re eating when they aren’t really hungry!” — Beth R.


This audio collection is designed to educate, raise awareness, and eradicate destructive behavior with food.

“Win the Food Fight” Audio Collection

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Explore the many reasons for eating that don’t serve your body or your life.

Seven segments feature easy assignments to unlock your negative attachment to food. Assignment worksheets and forms are included on disc. Simply print the worksheets for each segment of the series.

In my work as a weight loss coach, I noticed how confusing the simple act of eating can be.  I empathize with my clients because I was once in their shoes – eating, feeling guilty and wrong about it, eating more… it’s a vicious cycle.  Nothing can be more discouraging than feeling like you can’t control what you eat.  After a while, you start to believe you can’t control your life!

And it’s absolutely not true!

So, I created a seminar series that helps separate out facts from the myths and teaches you how to recognize exactly what’s going on when you reach for that cookie or donut.

When you know WHY you eat,
you can begin to unlock the behavior!

Stop blaming yourself!

“Food Fight” guides you to good behaviors!

“Food Fight” banishes guilt!

“Food Fight” gives you the tools to be smart about eating!

Now, you don’t have to pay thousands for this material.  This program is easy to access via CDs and worksheets that help you get a real handle on why you’re eating beyond your body’s needs.

  • Discover – the single easiest way to cut calories
  • Learn – the most destructive form of eating
  • Find out – how certain environments cause overeating

I have been passing your name along and talking up your program! I’ve decided it’s time to be healthy and enjoy my life instead of just enjoying food. I recently found out my old prescription, non-insurance covered diet pills are back on the market. I had called my doctor to see if I could get another prescription but, after hearing you, I called him back and said “never mind.” I decided to use your principals and finally take control of my life. And I have. Food no longer rules me and I don’t think about it every waking minute. I’m making good choices, I’m speaking positively about and to myself, and I know I will feed myself to a healthy weight. Thanks SO much for discovering in you what will work for me! I Eat to Live and no longer Live to Eat! This is the best series I have ever attended, anywhere!!! Thank you again SO much!!!!” –Deb B.

  • Learn – how to conquer situations where you feel you “must” eat
  • Know – the difference between mood eating and emotional eating
  • Understand – why stress eating is so complicated

“No one else has ever made this much sense to me! I get it!  And I’m seeing such a change in my eating! Thanks so much, Pat!” — Janie P.


Leave confusion behind!  Get clear on why you use food in a manner that is destructive to your health and well-being.  Follow the easy exercises (included on the “Forms” disk) that will clearly show you which behaviors are having the most impact on your daily caloric intake.

It’s easy to make effective changes when you understand the subtext of your choices.  Are you eating for emotional reasons?  In reaction to a craving or mood?  Because you’re not getting the nutrients your body needs? 

An appropriate reaction to these different body needs will speed weight loss and make you feel you’re in control of what you eat!


To get thin, learn to think thin!

Gain a whole new perspective on your own behavior.

You’ll get the audio collection:  The audio segments will help you separate out the reasons why you’re eating in a destructive manner.  The “Forms” has written exercise forms to print on your computer.  They will help you gain power over your behavior with food.

Invaluable Info!

My seminars containing this information cost $1,500.  But, what if it’s not convenient for you to attend a seminar?  Now, you can save money and travel time by accessing one of the easiest ways to learn:  audio lesson.  Listen in the car or add it to your mp3 player and listen while you walk or exercise.

Though many people love the experience and atmosphere of a seminar, I understand it’s not accessible or convenient for everyone.  I also know how travel expenses such as airfare, hotel and meals can add up.  Today, more than ever, it’s prudent to get the most information you can at the lowest price available.

Because I want everyone to have access to valuable material like this, I’ve priced the audio collection way lower than the $1,500 seminar price.

Don’t wait another minute to end your negative attachment to food!

The “Win the Food Fight” Audio Collection

Instant Download Now Available!



Put food and eating decisions into a more appropriate place in your life and empower yourself in every area of your life as a result.  You’ll free up time and energy for more exciting endeavors.  And you’ll handle food issues in a simple, easy manner!