The Hard Cold Truth Seminar

The Hard Cold Truth Seminar


hard-truth-coverWant Permanent Weight Loss? Want it to be Easy?
Well, it can be, when you understand
The Truth About Permanent Weight Loss!

I wish I had this kind of concise, valuable, documented information available to me when I was making the biggest change in my life! In this audio seminar course you will:

  • Find out what type of activity makes MORE fat!
  • Discover how the body actually sheds bodyfat? (Prepare yourself, this will shock you!)
  • Learn the key principal you must respect if you want to achieve long-term results!
  • Design a plan that’s uniquely suited to your body!
  • End the diets that destroy your metabolism today!


Stop and think for a moment.

How many people do you know who have lost substantial weight and kept it off longer than 5 years?
Only weight loss sustained 5 years or more fits the medical definition of permanent weight loss.
Everything else is temporary, including most of what you see every day in the media.
Don’t you want to lose weight permanently?

NOW, you can learn to work smart and be successful!

That happens when we work with the body’s natural needs and defenses. Most of us are completely unaware of how the body works against weight loss – I know I was! But, once it’s understood, you can use it to your advantage.

Don’t wait another minute to learn REAL scientific information that will make you successful.

The Truth is your Ticket to Freedom! Get your audio class today!

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Although the class costs several hundred dollars when taken in person, you can order The Hard Cold Truth About Permanent Weight Loss! today for only $139!

End the disappointment of cyclical dieting!

I understand the pain of yo-yo dieting. In 1996, my 20-year debilitating cycle of dieting and regaining weight had led me to 240 lbs.

I was unhappy, unhealthy and miserable. My inability to lose weight and keep it off had led me to a total and complete lack of confidence. I distrusted myself. No matter what I tried, including every commercial program and published diet I could find, the weight came back.

Forget what I was doing to my health, I felt my whole life unraveling due to my fixation on food and weight.

I realized I felt deeply ashamed of myself and my body. That shame was leading me down a disastrous path. After years of struggle, I set out to discover exactly how to lose weight permanently.

I decided this would be my final experience of losing weight and it was different than any other approach I’d taken.

Most of the diet tips, tricks and plans we see today actually set us up for WEIGHT GAIN! If you’ve lost and gained, only to lose and gain again, you know this by now. Find out how and why. Get the straight facts from medical and scientific research and my experience with thousands of clients.

Take advantage of my 15 years of research, all gathered into accessible, easy-to-follow form. I’ve done the work so you don’t have to!

  • My work is based on solid research. I took university nutrition courses, become a weight management consultant and certified personal trainer. My personal quest for knowledge took me to the medical school library and to the research experts in the medical field.
  • Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find this kind of research, certainly not on the internet (plus, in this class, I explain why that’s true!).
  • This is a no-fad, common sense approach designed to motivate you to get the results you know you deserve.


It’s crucial that you get this information and put it to use for YOUR FUTURE.

How do you feel when you diet and regain?

I know I found it heartbreaking & humiliating. I was ashamed in front of friends and family who had lavished praise on me as I lost weight and now tried to ignore my rapidly expanding body.

If you’ve been living in “diet & regain”, which ultimately gets us nowhere, it’s time to drop out of diet mentality and results that will last!

Stop wasting time, energy and money on quick-fixes that exist outside of you, and change you and your approach. It’s the only way to long-term results.

Since 2001, I’ve been teaching students and coaching clients around the world about permanent weight loss.

This shift in focus will revolutionize your approach!

I can’t tell you how great I feel since I lost over 70 lbs. Even better, I’ve sustained that weight loss since the year 2000. I know that’s the kind of success you want and deserve!

This audio series is based on a class that filled immediately when I offered it. I’ll be honest, many were shocked by the information. “Why didn’t I know this before?” was a common response from the group.

Invest in yourself and learn lessons that will reinforce your health for your entire lifetime!

Instant Download Now Available!


Life has taught me health is the only wealth there is. Nothing matters without it.

If being overweight and struggling with food is clouding your enjoyment of life, don’t hesitate!

Best of Success,

Pat Barone

P.S. I believe we all know, deep inside, that there is no magic wand, pill or potion that will solve our weight issue for us. At some point, we simply have to step up to the plate and start swinging. Be powerful! With the truth, you can make this your time!

Make a commitment to permanent weight loss!