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As I celebrate my 15th anniversary of sustaining a 92-pound weight loss, I feel unimaginable sweetness in my life.

My journey to my own sweet spot began as a tiny girl when my grandmother and I would sneak candy as a secret.



I couldn’t admit to my mother I had developed a taste for candy, cookies, cake, pie, brownies – the list was endless – because my grandmother was diabetic and was not supposed to be eating sugary things!

Not only did I get the message that sweet things weren’t good for you, it had to be hidden. It was shameful!

As I developed a serious sugar addiction, I felt an outright fear around sweet foods – I craved them and I loathed them – quite a double message – and I hated myself for loving sweet things so much.

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Working out at the gym today, I heard a personal trainer tell her client, “If you want to lose weight, you just gotta learn to deprive yourself!”

Oh, brother!

I used to be surprised when a “fitness professional” said stupid things.  Now, I don’t even blink.

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Hard Truth:  The more we focus on losing weight, the more we gain. It’s true – dieters regain at an average rate of 108%.

Today, there are more “diets, “fixes”, “cures”, “pharmaceutical relief” and “apps” for weight loss than ever before in history.  But our society weighs more and has MORE health problems associated with weight too.

It doesn’t add up, does it?

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It’s been a busy few weeks.  I’ve been on the road a lot, training and teaching people about permanent weight loss.  I absolutely love meeting new people and hearing about their challenges and perspectives.

On this trip, I was confronted with two very different angles on weight loss – particularly my weight loss, which is nearing the 100 lb mark.  Roughly 74 of those pounds are soundly in the column labeled “permanent weight loss” (measured at 5 years), since I’ve sustained that loss for over 11 years now.

Perspective One

A doctor approached me after a training session (Before I train the coaches in an organization, I host anyone and everyone in the organization who’d like to know more about permanent weight loss.  It may seem crazy, but many healthcare professionals still talk “diet” and don’t understand permanent weight loss.)

This doctor had a quizzical look on his face, and I assumed he needed clarification on something I had presented to the group.

Get a load of this!

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It’s been a couple weeks since I posted a blog!  This is always a busy time of year as my son starts school, and I usually begin another enLIGHTen Your Life! mastermind course.

This year, I have two classes beginning at once!  Double fun!

It’s also an interesting time because my birthday falls in September too.  That, combined with telling my weight loss story to my new classes, has directed me to a more introspective perspective on my journey than usual.

Losing weight permanently opened up my whole world on so many levels.  I gained confidence.  I took risks I’d never taken before.  I began to chart my own destiny in terms of work, relationships, parenting, creativity.

I literally found myself under the layer of insulation I carried for over 20 years.

Perhaps it was my birthday, but I recently thought about what I found when I lost weight from the inside out.  What was hiding underneath all that fat?

This is what I found:









I believe this photo was taken on my first birthday because you’ll notice I’m standing by the ice cream churn!  My mother used to make homemade ice cream on our birthdays.

No doubt I am waiting for ice cream!  Maybe I’ve been churning and I’m taking a break.  But this is what I see:

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Weight loss takes time.  I’m often asked to define the best loss rate.  My answer is:  “The best rate is what your body and mind will allow.  It will take as long as it takes YOU.”

There are natural restrictions on what your body will release in terms of weight.  If you are careful to burn fat and nothing else (optimal because the body fights back when other elements of the body are threatened), you will release as much as your body can process.  The process of burning fat is quite complicated, and doesn’t happen as efficiently as burning some butter on your stove – misunderstanding this is a big reason most people never achieve permanent weight loss.

The Scale Can't Tell What's Going on Inside the Body

Did you know that, if you could burn one pound of fat in a day (and you can’t), it would take

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We often have a picture in our heads of what successful weight loss looks like.

It might go like this:

New Diet + Short Period of Time = Skinny Me

We convince ourselves this is how it works and, when it doesn’t work, we blame ourselves.  Or the diet.  But usually ourselves – as if any diet EVER worked!

With a 99% fail rate and a 108% regain rate, diets are so not the way to go.

Break Up with Food

Once we realize this, some really big opportunities open up!  As one of my clients recently said, “There really are 50 ways to leave your lover!”

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Ya gotta laugh at the way many so-called “journalistic” websites report the news about obesity. Take this article on the new drug combination Qnexa, for example. (View full article here.)

They’re so anxious to report that something, anything, will fix the overweight condition, they’re willing to write around some obvious truths and obscure the real news people need.

Here are my notes on key segments of the story:

A combination of two drugs — along with advice regarding healthy diet and exercise — may be an effective treatment for obesity, a new study suggests.

Pat’s Note: The words “along with advice regarding healthy diet and exercise” – ADVICE? How about adherence? That’s all you need. And why do they always say “it works, along with healthy diet and exercise”? If healthy diet and exercise were present, we wouldn’t need drugs. They actually include that phrase as a way out – when it doesn’t work, they blame the patient for not adding the “healthy diet and exercise.”

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