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Do you find weight loss confusing?

We hear a thousand new messages every year about how to lose weight – new diets, new approaches, new “bad” foods, new fads, new “don’ts”, and new research, which is almost always paid for by an interested Diet World company.


We hear very little about how to lose weight and maintain weight loss all the way to a permanent state.

Permanent weight loss is my entire focus. The last time I lost weight was my last. It didn’t just happen that way. I had that determination going into it. And minus 92 pounds and holding steady at 17 years (on March 13, 2017) is damned well permanent in my book.

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We hear a lot about “lifestyle change” today.  In fact, most diets call themselves a “lifestyle change”, even the popular commercial ones that are nothing more than a prescribed food plan.

I guess it makes customers THINK they’re doing the big job, not the little (short-term) one.


My favorite “lifestyle change” quote came from a friend who dropped a lot of weight (temporarily) during the Phen-Fen pharmaceutical debacle.

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We often have a picture in our heads of what successful weight loss looks like.

It might go like this:

New Diet + Short Period of Time = Skinny Me

We convince ourselves this is how it works and, when it doesn’t work, we blame ourselves.  Or the diet.  But usually ourselves – as if any diet EVER worked!

With a 99% fail rate and a 108% regain rate, diets are so not the way to go.

Break Up with Food

Once we realize this, some really big opportunities open up!  As one of my clients recently said, “There really are 50 ways to leave your lover!”

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You know those emails you receive from Aunt Mary with the cute sayings? Usually they tout “life through the eyes of a 5-year-old” or “signs with outrageous text – if you read it the right way.”

Well, I got one today with some very funny sayings in it. One really caught my eye:

You do not need a parachute to skydive.
You only need a parachute to skydive twice.


Now, there are many things I’d like to do twice – especially skydiving.

But, what about weight loss? Anyone want to do that twice?

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Whew! Last week was wild! I came back from a short vacation with a big goal in front of me – the release of my new audio class on CD.

In the past, an event like this, which brings a certain amount of deadline pressure, has served as an excuse to go unconscious for me. I wouldn’t say I binged over this kind of stress. That hasn’t been an option for a long time.

The Hard Cold Truth about Permanent Weight Loss Audio Course

The Hard Cold Truth about Permanent Weight Loss Audio Course

But, even if binging is an impossible reaction, controlling food and using it to help control stress…

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In the 16th century, people believed their kings were chosen by god, and were not fully human.

In the 17th and 18th century, people thought cancer was a curse from god for evil thoughts and was contagious.

In the 20th century, people believed diets cured excess weight.

Every one of these beliefs robbed human beings of their natural power in life. And, in every case, science proved these beliefs untrue and noted that the belief prevented proper treatment.

Permanent Weight Loss Requires a New Solution

Permanent Weight Loss Requires a New Solution

No one can blame us for what we didn’t know then. But, now we know.

In 1996, I knew something was wrong with my previous approach to weight loss. I knew because the weight just kept coming back every time I lost weight (and it always brought an extra 10 lbs with it!).

My doctor gave me the hard science.

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As I travel, spreading the word about permanent weight loss, I often speak to middle and high school girls about health, body image, and the negative impact of dieting on weight. It’s always very touching for me to look out over the classroom and see the young women as I speak. Many of them (according to some statistics, about 50%) are already dieting and associating being thin with deprivation.

Thin = Deprivation


Most of them can’t look ahead to see how their current behavior and stringent dieting will lead to frustration, anger and excess weight in their twenties and thirties. It takes many years to see the real equation:

Dieting and Food Avoidance = More Fat

If I could do one thing for these girls, who deserve a healthy future free from disordered eating, it would be to freeze them right where they are.


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As the 21st Olympics enthrall the world, I find myself once again amazed by the grace, beauty and achievement of the world’s finest athletes.

This year, perhaps because I’m a bit more reflective about life these days, the games have reminded me of all the Olympics I’ve watched through the years. Beyond the athletic achievement, competition and “overcoming the odds” stories guarantee drama.


One of the reasons I think the games appeal to us is that we live cathartically through them. After all, most of us will never achieve a triple axle jump, even without the ice skates. I know I hesitate to jump off a fence, much less a mountain on skis. And I bet I can’t find one of my dear readers rushing out to luge down a frozen tube at 90 mph!

But, there is not one of us who can’t be an Olympian when it comes to permanent weight loss. I’m convinced of that. In order to compete on the world class stage, seek to develop these elements that Olympians master:

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