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In the U.S., it’s Independence Day! Is today the day you will declare your independence from using food in any way that does not serve your body well?

Create Some Fireworks in Your Life!

Create Some Fireworks in Your Life!

In our food-driven society, we use food for a myriad of reasons that have nothing to do with hunger or physical need.

Just a few of the very common food excuses:

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I just loved this story about the tiniest member of our family, Nadia. She’s three and you might remember her from this post:

“Nadia, Monuments that Matter”


Nadia’s mom recently reported on facebook that, after reading a bedtime book with Nadia, she told her daughter, “Goodnight. I love you.”

Nadia replied:

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One of my muses, a poet/astrologer, lamented beginning his vegetable garden late this year. Now, he has a fantastic array of organic produce erupting from his garden; This was his formula for success, even when starting your garden late: “The best way to grow bountiful, ripe, healthy vegetables is by applying organic fertilizer, regular watering, impeccable weeding, and steady songs of encouragement.”

It struck me that this is also how to grow a healthy body.

Organic Fertilizer

Even if organic food isn’t on your shopping list, we can all concentrate on eating healthier food. The vitamins, minerals and macronutrients we derive from food is the most important element in building health. Keeping as close as possible to the original food is the goal – whole grains, lean proteins, lots of fruit and vegetables. Simply avoiding processing and the inherent chemicals, additives, preservatives, and high sugar and salt content, can reduce cravings that lead to poor food choices.

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Diets may be intended to trim our bodies but they actually diminish us as people.

Harsh restrictions give the body the message that it is something to be “whipped” into shape, changed, altered, melted — instead of teaching us to listen to our bodies for the wealth of information inside them.


Diets instill the idea of control. The message is:

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I want to share a Thanksgiving story with you as we approach turkey day in the U.S.

I started losing weight in March of 1996. By the time November rolled around, I was feeling great about the changes I had made in my life. The prospect of Thanksgiving, however, loomed. My memories of that particular holiday weren’t fond. Even though I would tell you that I “loved” the food we traditionally had on the Thanksgiving table, the day always ended in pain.

Giving thanks = pain….

Mmmmm, no. Something was wrong with that equation!

So, I knew my next Thanksgiving had to be different.

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