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In a society that focuses so much on being thin, and produces extremely high obesity rates, it’s no surprise that the determining factors for a healthy life are often overlooked.

Many misinterpret weight as a primary indicator of health, when it is only one factor and, indeed, one that is often over-emphasized. A healthy weight actually exists in a wider range than what shows up on those old fashioned insurance charts used by your doctor – and certainly the newer BMI is similarly ridiculous with strong people who carry a lot of muscle falling into the “obese” category on them!


Heredity and excess dieting often hinder people from achieving those numbers on the charts but that doesn’t exclude a healthy life.

I’m not talking about throwing all caution to the wind and protecting an excessive overweight stage; I’m talking about finding the best health you can inside the body you have.

Here are eight indicators of health I use to help my clients determine an appropriate weight and get healthy.

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The more I study the obesity epidemic, the more I am convinced we are an overweight nation (and growing more so) because we do not know or practice the truth.

Look at our politicians.
Look at our television programs.
And advertising.



It’s so easy to bend the foul pole.

It’s even easier to blame the other guy or gal.

And to pretend.

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Last week, I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving week on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. This was the first time I had taken a cruise in many years.


I knew there would be food everywhere but THERE WAS FOOD EVERYWHERE!!!

Am I yelling loud enough?


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