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Here in the U.S., it’s Thanksgiving week.  All around me, I’m hearing a collective intake of breath:  those who eat, those who do not eat, those who eat by rules, and those who eat in disordered patterns — they are all in a panic.

Thanksgiving is feared by anyone who isn’t living in a peaceful relationship with food.  Laden with high-fat, high caloric food, it’s a celebration of abundance that Americans translate into plenty of food.

Celebrate your happy body.

We could celebrate the abundance of ingenuity, fun, humor, love or… just about anything… but we have translated it into food.  Too funny, when you think about it.  What if we celebrated an abundance of energy and lined the highways, exercising all day?


Don’t mind me, my mind just works that way.  As I direct my thoughts towards the past 15 years of my life as I have lost weight (and not refound it), I find myself grateful for many things this Thanksgiving:

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