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It’s been a couple weeks since I posted a blog!  This is always a busy time of year as my son starts school, and I usually begin another enLIGHTen Your Life! mastermind course.

This year, I have two classes beginning at once!  Double fun!

It’s also an interesting time because my birthday falls in September too.  That, combined with telling my weight loss story to my new classes, has directed me to a more introspective perspective on my journey than usual.

Losing weight permanently opened up my whole world on so many levels.  I gained confidence.  I took risks I’d never taken before.  I began to chart my own destiny in terms of work, relationships, parenting, creativity.

I literally found myself under the layer of insulation I carried for over 20 years.

Perhaps it was my birthday, but I recently thought about what I found when I lost weight from the inside out.  What was hiding underneath all that fat?

This is what I found:









I believe this photo was taken on my first birthday because you’ll notice I’m standing by the ice cream churn!  My mother used to make homemade ice cream on our birthdays.

No doubt I am waiting for ice cream!  Maybe I’ve been churning and I’m taking a break.  But this is what I see:

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Weight loss takes time.  I’m often asked to define the best loss rate.  My answer is:  “The best rate is what your body and mind will allow.  It will take as long as it takes YOU.”

There are natural restrictions on what your body will release in terms of weight.  If you are careful to burn fat and nothing else (optimal because the body fights back when other elements of the body are threatened), you will release as much as your body can process.  The process of burning fat is quite complicated, and doesn’t happen as efficiently as burning some butter on your stove – misunderstanding this is a big reason most people never achieve permanent weight loss.

The Scale Can't Tell What's Going on Inside the Body

Did you know that, if you could burn one pound of fat in a day (and you can’t), it would take

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This week has seen a lot of discussion about a new diet book which targets girls ages 6-12.  After the initial outbreak of criticism, the author appeared on several talk shows defending his book as “empowering.”  I spoke on the news about it Thursday.

I have to admit I’ve been wrestling with conflicting feelings about this.  On one hand, I want to have the guy banned from Amazon and every other bookseller.  His complete ignorance of the damaging and diminishing effect of diets on young women is simply deplorable.

On the other hand, we live in a country where we enjoy freedom of speech.

And yet, we have laws and policies that protect children from harm.  And this is harmful.

To complicate matters further, as a blogger, do I speak up and risk giving him more exposure, or do I remain silent?

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In the U.S., it’s Independence Day! Is today the day you will declare your independence from using food in any way that does not serve your body well?

Create Some Fireworks in Your Life!

Create Some Fireworks in Your Life!

In our food-driven society, we use food for a myriad of reasons that have nothing to do with hunger or physical need.

Just a few of the very common food excuses:

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No, I’m not talking about her skimpy outfits or the skinny half-naked dancers flanking her live shows.

Lady Gaga is the most famous woman in music/culture right now, and I don’t think it’s because of her music (although it’s quite good) – it’s because of her message. Music is only part of her life played out as performance art.

Her deeper message to her “little monsters” (her fans) is screw everyone if they don’t like you, be who you are, because, no matter what that might be, that’s perfect.

Lady Gaga at the 2011 Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga at the 2011 Grammy Awards

What’s the connection to weight loss? Listen to

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The more I study the obesity epidemic, the more I am convinced we are an overweight nation (and growing more so) because we do not know or practice the truth.

Look at our politicians.
Look at our television programs.
And advertising.



It’s so easy to bend the foul pole.

It’s even easier to blame the other guy or gal.

And to pretend.

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Having traveled my own quite complicated journey out of body hatred and losing over 70 lbs permanently, I’ve come to believe every body is different and unique, though we’re led by society/culture to believe their is a “standard.” I’ve had the experience of coaching hundreds of women towards their own unique “optimal” weight, and discovered we all lose weight at different rates (and, yes, in different places!).


Loving and appreciating our own distinctiveness isn’t the easy road in our society, but it can be done.

I once had a client lose weight at a rate of a pound a month, and be upset

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One of the very few advantages of having my long history with the diet world is that I can see the patterns perpetuated by the diet industry.

For instance, my first diet was Atkins but not the recent round of that high protein diet. I was on the original diet when I was 10 years old! (Looking back, I was not overweight but my mother was, and she put all of us on a diet to keep her company.)

I’ve lived through various rounds of low fat, high fiber, low calorie, high protein and high carb diets. Tried them all, and felt the impact as they all failed, time after time.

So, what’s next in diet world?

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