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Between Halloween and New Year’s Day, the average weight gain for people who struggle with excess weight is 8-10 pounds. If this describes you, kick this trend to the curb and find permanent weight loss. Here are some holiday eating tips. If permanent change has eluded you, here’s a hint at what it looks like:


Holiday eating tips for permanent weight loss.

Holiday eating tips for permanent weight loss.

 Holiday Eating Tips

1. Enough with the Halloween candy! Make your party (and your kids’ focus) on fun, costumes, friends, connections. When my son was small, I let him eat some candy on Halloween, then he picked 7 items to keep (1 per day for the next week) and the rest went to the neighborhood fire station. Some dentists will PAY kids for their candy. YOU can pay your kids, or teach them about donating excess to others. NO ONE really needs another damned snickers bar, especially children. If your child is challenged by ADHD, anxiety or depression, get the crap out of sight now, and forever.

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As I maintained my own weight loss of 90+ lbs, I became more and more attuned to my body, following body cues for hunger and satiation. My clients in my enLIGHTen Your Life! Mastermind Course for Permanent Weight Loss learn to follow body cues to truly nourish their bodies.


It may sound simple, but it’s not that easy!

After all, our culture encourages us to eat fast, eat fat and eat again when we don’t have sustainable energy.

How does your plate look when you are following the body cues, eating only when hungry, and stopping when satiated?

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I witnessed violence at Starbucks last week.

Fists didn’t fly. No weapons were present. No blood.

But violence nevertheless.


When I arrived, I heard a terrible screaming and crying. A little girl – I would estimate her to be between two and three years old – was in a full-blown meltdown. If you’ve ever been around a child, you’ve heard that mix of scream and sob that sounds bigger than any adult can make.

The scene went on for over five minutes, but here’s part of what I saw:

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As he sat across from me in my office, I could see the energy swirling around his head. (I am also an energy healer.)

My client was in a virtual tornado of thought patterns wreaking havoc on his life. As it pressed upon him, the mental rollercoaster of overthinking, worry and anxiety was obvious.FoodDecisions

Today, we live lives that are non-stop continuous pressure and stress for many people, and most of my clients. They are overworked, overscheduled, overbusy, overtired. The result is not just diminished enjoyment of life, but diminished intelligence, cognitive ability and resilience.

Why do we live this way?

To be blunt, we’re looking for validation, security and a feeling of adequacy. And, sadly, running around to please others (whether that’s the boss, the spouse, the parents, the family, the friends who work just as hard) will NEVER give us those things.

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Someone just asked me what I thought about the Rachael Ray ads for the miracle weight loss product that burns fat.

My response: “It’s always nice to see rich people making millions off water loss.” @@ (rolling my eyes).



Haven’t we had enough of celebrity dieters and supplement hawkers?

I’ve seen this same ad for over forty years. Just a new name and a new audience of suckers.

Products like this can’t address why you overeat, binge or food addictions.  Products can’t address that overwhelming need for food you feel in your body, that compulsion that drives eating behavior.

Nothing can cause your body to burn fat without exercise or change in food intake. In fact, if you were burning fat at the rate they claim you’ll see weight loss, your body would shut right down to protect itself.

If you want to learn the facts about how permanent weight loss occurs, and how to support yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, check out my new class starting in October:  enLIGHTen Your Life!

Because knowledge is empowering!

Making celebrity dieters rich is not.

So much of my journey through food addiction and back to my true self has involved four letter words.  At first, they described my dilemma:


Then, as I faced myself, they grew profane:

Junk (food)

I got down on myself:

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The holiday season is in full swing!  Even if I never saw a house filled with lights, or the Christmas Tree in front of the mall, I would know it was December because my clients’ anxiety levels are rising!  For anyone trying to lose weight, holidays pose more challenges than navigating the line at the Apple store when the latest iPhone is released.

But there’s one way to make holidays easier.  And it doesn’t have anything to do with those silly tips you read in fitness magazines that teach you to CONTROL YOURSELF and CONTROL FOOD.  Like that worked, right?

Holiday weight gain doesn’t have to happen. The easiest way to have a fabulous holiday season and,  incidentally, perhaps change your life, is to examine and STOP making up stories about the holidays and notice how encourages changing habits and behavior with food.

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Permanent weight loss is what we want, even if we’re heavily invested in temporary weight loss via diets.  We all think a diet will get us there – despite study after study indicating 99 percent of dieters regain their weight and every diet adds a few extra pounds too.

Why do we live in such DENIAL (read: Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying)?  Because, if we believe the diet will fix the weight, we don’t have to take responsibility and fix US (or the underlying behaviors).

In my last two posts, we explored twenty things to STOP in order to achieve permanent weight loss.  Now, here are 10 more very important steps to further your progress towards permanent weight loss.  These are challenges that commonly show up for my weight loss clients and I hope revealing these challenges will make your weight loss easier and more direct.  It’s a virtual blueprint to permanent weight loss!

This is Part 3 of a 5-Part Series – So, check back for subsequent posts!  Or subscribe!  You can now sign up at the right of this post to receive new posts via email notification too!

21.  Stop making excuses – Excuses link us to victim status and there are a million and one excuses for everything.  But the old saying “You can’t have reasons and results” is absolutely true.  It doesn’t matter if grandma Mabel made your favorite cookies or your BFF (“friend” – really?) decided to surprise you with a mojito and shots happy hour, the moment we start excusing destructive behavior with well-thought-out and perfectly reasonable reasons, we lose the power of owning every choice.  Weight is lost permanently when we step up and truly own every choice.

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