Spiritual Assessment

Spiritual Assessment

Spiritual Assessment


I know I have a spiritual path on earth, but I have not explored it.

I have a general idea of my values and needs in life.

I don't know or understand my life purpose.

I feel connected to my soul or spirit occasionally, but the feeling never sticks around very long.

Right now, my life purpose is my job. (i.e., teaching, managing people, selling, etc.)

I was raised in a spiritual (or religious) practice and do not feel comfortable in it today.

When I hear people talk about spirituality, I am uncomfortable because I don't share their experience.

I have tried to meditate or do deep breathing exercises but haven't been able to make it a regular practice.

I would like to know more about my own spirit or soul connection to others in my life.

I don't see how spirituality has anything to do with health, weight or weight loss.

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