Your Results

Your Results

Based on your answers, the spiritual aspect of weight loss is challenging you. Life can feel confusing when your life purpose and spiritual connection to yourself are tenuous. Strengthening your spiritual connection is empowering and enlightening.

It’s time to take charge of your spiritual approach and regain your personal power so you can achieve a healthy weight. Here are some tools…

Catalyst Motivational Weight Loss Diary

Strengthen and reinforce your weight loss journey with the Catalyst Motivational Weight Loss Diary! The perfect on-the-go companion!

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Divine Goddess Weight Loss

Harness the divine feminine power to create lasting weight loss with this brand new learning experience available on Instant Download. Five Audio Classes + 34-page Workbook.

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Blog: What's in the Dungeon

I took an amazing yoga workshop this weekend! What I like about yoga is that it teaches me so much about myself and my body. I can do this pose, the Warrior Interlock, now!

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