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Based on your answers, you know what it’s like to be trapped in diet mentality: You make great efforts to diet and then, when life interferes, or boredom occurs, or the body craves forbidden foods, you break the diet. This leads to feeling guilty and making excuses. Worse of all, you may even hear yourself saying terrible things to yourself, things that harm your confidence and esteem.

It’s time to break out of diet mentality and regain your personal power so you can achieve a healthy weight. Here are some tools:

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The Hard Cold Truth

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Blog: 10 Things to STOP if You Want Permanent Weight Loss
Blog: 10 Things to STOP if You Want Permanent Weight Loss

Excess weight is created by over-reliance on food – we often use food as caretaker, parent, therapist, mood-elevator, motivator, punisher, etc. Losing weight permanently requires...

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