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Based on your answers, you dabble in diet mentality: on and off a diet, erratic results, frustration. It’s easy to convince ourselves one day we’ll get a better result, but this kind of rollercoaster approach can continue for years.

It’s time to break out of diet mentality and regain your personal power so you can achieve a healthy weight. Here are some tools:

Catalyst Motivational Weight Loss Diary

Strengthen and reinforce your weight loss journey with the Catalyst Motivational Weight Loss Diary! The perfect on-the-go companion!

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True Core Body Visualization

This visualization audio connects you to your personal ideal size and shape, so you can make your goals crystal clear!

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Article: The #1 Reason Weight Loss Efforts Fail
Article: The #1 Reason Weight Loss Efforts Fail

The biggest roadblock to successful weight loss isn’t the food you eat and it’s not the exercise you do. It’s negative thinking.

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