Your Results

Your Results

Based on your answers, the emotional aspect of weight loss is challenging you. Your emotions might cause overeating, and they might be confusing and toxic. Avoiding emotions means stuffing them inside yourself, which can feel unpleasant and lead to a buildup of bad feelings. It’s easy to convince yourself one day you’ll get a better result, but quelling emotions take their toll on confidence and esteem.

It’s time to take charge of your emotional approach and regain your personal power so you can achieve a healthy weight. Here are some tools:

True Core Body Visualization

This visualization audio connects you to your personal ideal size and shape, so you can make your goals crystal clear!

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The Hard Cold Truth

Permanent Weight Loss can be easy when you understand The Truth About Permanent Weight Loss. 9-CD set or instant download.

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Article: Surviving Without Fear

Fear might be the natural impulsive reaction when sudden change occurs, but it's not the best reaction. In fact, fear is about the worst place to go at a time like this!

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