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Divine Goddess Weight Loss

    This new class will help you see another way to approach nourishment, activity, weight and body image:

  • Understand masculine and feminine energy and how both aspects affect your own personal energy.
  • Learn how male and female energies create weight loss differently.
  • Learn what subtle and overt messages create our attitudes about our bodies, our weight and our success.
  • 5 empowering audio classes + 34 page workbook.

Harness your divine feminine power to create lasting weight loss!


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“This course has REVOLUTIONIZED my life…”

“This course has REVOLUTIONIZED my life. Yes, I’ve sabotaged most (OK all), of my previous weight loss efforts. But NOW I see why and how that happened. And I’m sure I would have continued that yo-yo thing the rest of my life if I hadn’t taken this course. Now, I’m losing weight in an entirely different way with an entirely different mindset. Thank you!” – Alana, age 42

” It helped me get to the root of my weight issue…”

“Pat, I’ve studied your work for years and it continues to expand and grow, but the Divine Goddess Weight Loss course has to be your best work ever. It helped me get to the root of my weight issue. I was living my life backwards, if that makes any sense. Since I took the course, I changed the way I work, changed the way I take care of my body and right now I’m taking care of shopping for much smaller clothes. I see I’m relating to the men in my life differently too, and receiving such positive reinforcement from both men and women for the changes I’ve made. Most of them say they want what I’ve got now, a real sense of myself as a woman, living in her positive feminine energy, who just happens to be losing weight easily. You hit a home-run with this one!” – C.G., age 50

“I learned so much about the choices I’ve been making in my life…”

“Love, love, love the Divine Goddess Weight Loss course. So simple and real. So effective! I knew the moment you started talking every word was the truth. I think women who don’t struggle with their weight should take it too. I learned so much about the choices I’ve been making in my life, and how I can be more authentically female, even in today’s society where that’s become a dirty word.” – C.M.M., age 45

What You’ll Get

You will learn material available nowhere else and be challenged by the class experience.

    You’ll get 5 hours of dynamic programming with Pat:

  • Class 1 – Energy and its Role in Our “Diet World”
  • Class 2 – Personal Energy Assessment and Work
  • Class 3 – Divine Feminine Nourishment and Activity
  • Class 4 – Sexuality and Sexual Expression
  • Class 5 – Embracing the Divine
  • Plus a 34 page downloadable/printable workbook.

Learn a positive, affirming approach to permanent weight loss that honors your deepest female values and emotions.


The Hard Cold Truth About Permanent Weight Loss!

Hard Cold Truth About Permanent Weight Loss by Pat Barone

  • Learn how to make weight loss permanent
  • End yoyo-ing and regain
  • Lose the agony of diet mentality
  • Bonus 62-page printable workbook designed to help you retain your knowledge

Make permanent weight loss EASY!


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“I truly feel like a different person…”

“It is hard to really document the changes in my life and in myself since beginning to work with Pat. I truly feel like a different person. Certainly I look different, and that is important, but it is the way I feel about myself that is so different.” — Megan Williamson

“I crushed… the old negative mental blocks…”

“If I had known what was possible, with so little deprivation and pain, I’d have done your class a long time ago Pat. My mind had made losing weight into a HUGE thing because I’d failed so many times. You helped me see I hadn’t failed, my methods had. I also crushed, absolutely crushed, the old negative mental blocks that held me stuck so long. Thank you for this fabulous program!” — K.E.

“…just because you have a reason, that’s no excuse.”

“I’m a nurse Pat. But I never learned what you taught me here. I’ve told everyone at the hospital about you. Believe it or not, we all use food way too much to deal with the stress. As you said, just because you have a reason, that’s no excuse. I see what I was doing that was actually destroying my results. I wish I’d taken this class years ago but I bet everybody says that who works with you. Everything feels different now. I am already down a size and it’s only a few weeks since the class. I can’t wait to see where this leads me.” — Ellie James

What You’ll Learn

This audio series is based on a class that filled immediately when I offered it. Many were shocked by the information. “Why didn’t I know this before?”

I wish *I* had this kind of valuable information available to me when I was making the biggest change in my life! Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What type of activity makes MORE fat.
  • How the body actually sheds bodyfat? (This will shock you!)
  • The key principal you must respect to achieve long-term results!
  • Design a plan that’s uniquely suited to your body.
  • Where misinformation around weight loss comes from and why.
  • and so much more!

This is a no-fad, common sense approach designed to motivate you to get the results you know you deserve.


Win the Food Fight!

  • End destructive food behavior
  • Understand your impulsive eating
  • Set goals to change behaviors instead of blaming yourself

Regain control & Win the Food Fight!


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“I’ve listened to (the cds) over and over….”

“I love these CDs! They really really clarified a lot for me. I blamed all my eating on my own stupidity before I learned the things you teach on the disks. I’ve listened to them over and over. Every time I get a little more information. I’m doing great at recognizing emotional eating now and starting to tackle other types. I’m so much more aware, I’ve even been able to help my friends and husband see why they’re eating when they aren’t really hungry!” — Beth R.

“Food no longer rules me…”

I have been passing your name along and talking up your program! I’ve decided it’s time to be healthy and enjoy my life instead of just enjoying food. I recently found out my old prescription, non-insurance covered diet pills are back on the market. I had called my doctor to see if I could get another prescription but, after hearing you, I called him back and said “never mind.” I decided to use your principals and finally take control of my life. And I have. Food no longer rules me and I don’t think about it every waking minute. I’m making good choices, I’m speaking positively about and to myself, and I know I will feed myself to a healthy weight. Thanks SO much for discovering in you what will work for me! I Eat to Live and no longer Live to Eat! This is the best series I have ever attended, anywhere!!! Thank you again SO much!!!!” — Deb B.

“No one else has ever made this much sense to me! I get it! And I’m seeing such a change in my eating! Thanks so much, Pat!” — Janie P.

What You’ll Learn

Do you feel like you’re in an endless battle with food in your life? It doesn’t have to be that way! Get the real facts that will propel you into positive action and a better relationship with food. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The single easiest way to cut calories.
  • Why unconscious eating is so destructive.
  • How to conquer situations where you feel you “must” eat.
  • How certain environments cause overeating.
  • Why stress eating is so complicated.
  • and so much more!

Leave confusion behind! Get clear on why you use food in a manner that is destructive to your health and well-being.


True Core Body – Visualization


  • Find a weight that is easy to maintain
  • Find your naturally occurring hunger and satiation points
  • Get in touch with long forgotten body cues
  • Create a realistic goal for your body

Discover the body you were intended to have.


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“…these tips have radically changed the way I eat.”

“I’ve used the True Core Body CD for almost 2 months. I love it. It contains so many nuggets of very valuable information. I love the concept of “natural body laws” – these tips have radically changed the way I eat. And it was only a few tips – so simple! I think it’s almost miraculous the way I’m treating my body differently. I’m not having to think about it much. I just feel it. I’m eating differently, thinking differently, everything!” — Laura G.

“I connected to my REAL body!”

“I lost weight several times but the shape was never what I wanted. Then, I’d gain the weight back. I had no luck figuring this out and I didn’t see gaining back the weight as part of my bad feelings about how I looked even though I lost the weight. When I did the visualization, I connected to my REAL body! I saw a very different picture than I’d always imagined for myself. I liked what I saw and I KNEW it was right for me. I even have grown to like it over the past few weeks – imagine liking it! It’s so right for me that I no longer have doubts or fear about what it will be like to lose weight. I used to worry constantly about whether I would look good enough, or whether the effort would be worth it. No more!” — Jeannie B.

What You’ll Learn

Connect to your personal ideal size and shape, so you can make your goals crystal clear!

This visualization is designed to connect you to your deeper self and to your intended body. Clients who have used it report that it continues to serve them, even after months of using it!

  • Learn what your body was meant to look like.
  • Understand your body’s inner intelligence.
  • Gain a new perspective.
  • and so much more!

Connect to your True Core Body, the body you were meant to inhabit in this lifetime.


Catalyst Motivational Weight Loss Diary


  • This 3 month diary is a perfect on-the-go companion
  • Strengthen and reinforce your weight loss journey
  • Get honest and real about your weight loss today
  • Consistently answer the diary’s questions to connect your body and goals
  • Over 75% of those people who lose weight and keep the weight off use a diary or tracking device to help them stay accountable

Getting honest with yourself is the first step!


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“Can you put me on auto-ship?”

“Can you put me on auto-ship? This diary has helped me so much, and when I drift from being completely honest about what I’m doing, my weight loss slows. I love the reinforcement of my goals and my power statement too! I’ve just passed the 50 lb. mark and I’m heading into the next 50!” — Betty J.

“I’ve used a lot of different diaries but I love this one the best! “

“I’ve used a lot of different diaries but I love this one the best! The questions are great, they guide me into a positive place every time I use the book. All I have to do is open it up and write something down – even a word – and I it all starts to come together. This works even if I’m having a tough day!! I can see how you were successful at losing weight, Pat. You know so many tricks, tips and rescue remedies. I’m really really grateful that you share your success with everyone the way you do!” — Emily Pittman

“I just love the Catalyst Diary.”

“I just love the Catalyst Diary. Thanks for creating it for those of us who want a simple and easy way to keep on truckin’ with our fitness goals!” — Jane Adamson

What You’ll Learn

You’ll never again wonder why your weight didn’t go down for a week. Just look back and your diary will tell you!

No more looking for paper or forms! You’ll save time by recording valuable information in one easy location. All the questions are there for you, just answer them.

No more convenient “forgetting” about that extra helping of mac ‘n’ cheese! Getting honest is the quickest way to lose weight!

No more denying you had a tough day! Record it and let it go. This diary will help you move forward, past any disappointments, so you can build momentum in your weight loss efforts.

The diary covers three months of weight loss and has complete instructions on how you can customize it to fit your lifestyle, needs and eating habits.


113 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss E-Book


113 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss - e-book
Get the realistic, tried and truly helpful tips to reinforce your weight loss journey with the “113 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss” electronic book. Finally, many of Pat’s best tips are rolled into one digest, neatly divided into categories like “Creating a Healthy Attitude”; “Fighting Procrastination”; and “Great Foods for Burning Fat.”You’ll learn how to:

  • use the scale in a positive way
  • set boundaries with friends
  • spot a sabotaging buddy… and much more.

We always win when we learn.


Get Real About Permanent Change