Mental Assessment

Mental Assessment

Mental Assessment


I’m not sure if I am capable of actually losing the weight I want to lose.

If I lose even half the weight I'd like to lose, I would still feel like a failure.

I am responsible for my life and don't blame others when things don't go well.

Being overweight isn't my fault – it runs in my family.

I often think about what changes would be necessary in order for me to reach a healthy weight.

Weight loss would solve a lot of other problems in my life.

Losing weight means I’d never be able to eat my favorite foods again.

If I lost the weight I’m afraid I’d get unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

I have too many factors in my life that keep me from losing weight: family and friends who like to eat; difficult schedule, stress, financial problems, responsibility for my children, spouse, or family, etc.

I often daydream of losing weight and being successful, but it never seems to happen for me.

There are lots of positives about food in my life: enjoyment, de-stressing, connection to friends or social life, and/or entertainment.

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