Unlocking Habits! 40 Days to End Addictive Behavior

Unlocking Habits! 40 Days to End Addictive Behavior


Unlocking Habits!

A 40-day Meditation Program to
End Addictive Behavior


Addictions have become a way of life in our over-busy culture.

Now, you can learn the meditative way to awareness, energy shift and freedom.

Use this unique 40-day series for any addiction to substance or behavior:

Sugar or Specific Foods
Need for acceptance
Yearning for “love”

It’s a new learning experience

Pat Barone, CPCC, MCC, BCC




Our meditative journey begins

Sunday, January 26, 2014

7:00 a.m. central time

and meets via teleseminar every day

for 40 days at 7:00 a.m.

thru March 6, 2014

Meeting for just 20-30 minutes every day, we’ll use a specific addiction-busting meditation process to break down old habits and repattern the brain’s neural pathways, so old habits fade.

Addiction is another word for HABIT.  Once created, our brains develop distinct neural pathways around those habits.  It’s time to break the patterns and habits that don’t work for you.

  • You choose the habit you’d like to target!
    Is tobacco, alcohol or chocolate getting in the way of your goals?
    Are you relying on manipulative behavior or drama to get your way in relationships?
    Do you consistently think in a negative way about yourself?
  • This process is simple, but requires you to be accountable.  Showing up every day is important and having support is key!
  • Learn from your pod-mates’ experiences AND feel their energetic support!
  • Be connected to YOUR greater good, and your health.


Begin every day for 40 days by creating a powerful state of mind!

“Your Catalyst for Change”

Pat Barone, MCC

Pat Barone, MCC

I’ve been coaching and healing addictions since the year 2001… AFTER healing my own.  This process is one that I used to kick this niggling habit:


Many of my clients have used it for this:


And this:


What You Get:

Over Thirty Hours to Cultivate Mindfulness, Awareness and Self-Discovery with Pat
  • Our first call on January 26, 2014 is a 1-1/2 hour group support call to introduce the 40-day cycle and complete our first meditation!
  • You’ll receive a video that helps explain the specifics of the meditation, so you can learn more rapidly.
  • Dial into the bridgeline and tune in!
  • Never miss a call! If your schedule suddenly interferes with the call, a link to the recording of the call will be sent to you immediately so you can complete your meditation for that day!  In fact, if you live in the western part of the country and 5 a.m. is too early for you, you can wake up to the recording in your email inbox!
  • You’ll also receive a support email after each call containing progress notes and inspiration.

Step into a new level of awareness!


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Regular program pricing is $199 - that’s only $5 per day, less than the price of a Starbucks Coffee!


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Just $199 for the entire program!

Start your 2014 with
positive direction and uplifting change!


Remove one of the key blocks to your success – daily addictive behavior!

Click here to enroll  in Unlocking Habits – The 40-Day Meditation Series for Healing Addictions.

Once you are enrolled, you will receive emails with notes on how to begin this work, as well as details for accessing the calls and recordings!

Take your personal growth and weight loss further, or reconnect to your passion for health and happiness!

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