Journeys - A Healing Class

Journeys – A Healing Class

I’m so excited to bring you a new opportunity
to grow, learn and heal!


Stop the procrastination and denial that keeps you from
moving forward towards exciting goals.

End addictive patterns around food, alcohol, drama, drugs or any
behavior that causes you to feel trapped or helpless.

Create a deeper mind-body-spirit connection so you can naturally
respond to your body with loving care.

Understand and remove the blocks and struggles in life
that you simply can’t explain.


Join me for Journeys!


I healed my own food addiction but,
more important than the weight loss, was the ability
I gained to manifest my own happiness!


My clients go deeper, get more lasting results
and report feeling truly whole!


  • Connect to your deepest desires and strengths!
  • Discover true engagement in thriving, soul-driven relationships.
  • Banish negative habits and limiting beliefs so you can trust life!

It’s so easy in our fast-paced culture to ignore the body, its needs, its desires and its wisdom. Every day lived only in our big brains is a missed day of bliss and joy.

Through my many years of coaching clients all over the world, I have been able to see every quest in life eventually become a spiritual quest, so I designed a healing and spiritual growth class just for you!

  • Expand your awareness and deepen your life experience.
  • Meditate and cultivate peaceful silence easily.
  • Understand how we create our own reality.
  • Release negative attitudes that block progress from within.
  • Harness your own endless, empowering, rejuvenating energy to create real change in your life.



One Monthly Teleseminar Class
A One-on-One Soul Awareness Healing Session

Every Month for One Year!


Pat Barone, MCC

Pat Barone is a Master Certified Coach, a spiritual healer and teacher,
and a certified yoga and meditation teacher. She has worked with clients in
one-on-one and group settings around the world since the year 2000.


We are all on a unique life journey, full of enthralling possibility and unlimited joy.

You can truly live from your soul,
and become even MORE successful in life.

Can you use more joy, more prosperity, more connection and meaning, and a deeper sense of yourself?

Join me for this wonderful opportunity!

What You’ll Get in the Journeys program:

Dynamic Education
  • A 60 to 75 minute group class via teleseminar (convenient from anywhere!) once a month for 12 months (third Monday of the month at 7p central time). Never miss a call! If your schedule suddenly interferes with the call, you’ll receive the recording. Everyone will receive the recording because it will contain a guided meditation you can repeat all month long to enhance your spiritual practice. All classes are held in a safe environment, created with love.
Healing with Pat
  • A 45-55 minute individual soul awareness healing session, scheduled at a time convenient for you. This is conveniently facilitated via phone too, and is your chance to discover energy shifts, blocks and drains so you can discover and “plug into” your incredible life force.
Step into a new level of self-knowledge and mastery!
Just $179 per month!
(when you arrange for 12 automatic payments)


Pay for the entire year in advance and save even more!

Lower your monthly investment to $158.25
and save more than $20 per month
by paying just $1899 for the entire year!

The next class begins in October!

Sign up now and save!

Currently, clients invest $175-250 per session to work with Pat. Try finding those rates for work with one of the very few Master Certified Coaches in the world!

That means you add the class for $4 per month, or get the entire package at the lower rate if you choose.

Click here to enroll in the Journeys Healing Program and pay in one payment of $1899.
Click here to enroll in the Journeys Healing Program and pay monthly $179 per month.


Live in full colors!

  • Live deeply connected to your soul.
  • Make powerful, soul-driven decisions.
  • Improve confidence and self-image.
  • Embrace your unique healing journey!

Click here to enroll in the Journeys Healing Program and pay in one payment of $1899.
Click here to enroll in the Journeys Healing Program and pay monthly $179 per month.


Feel free to call me to discuss this class. Together, we can determine if it’s a good fit for you!

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Pat Barone, MCC, BCC
Catalyst Coaching LLC

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