Hard Cold Truth Product

Hard Cold Truth Product


The Hard Cold Truth About Permanent Weight Loss

Make Permanent Weight Loss Easy!

Hard Cold Truth About Permanent Weight Loss by Pat Barone
This audio series is based on a class that filled immediately when I offered it. Many were shocked by the information.
“Why didn’t I know this before?”
I wish I had this kind of valuable information available to me when I was making the biggest change in my life!
Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What type of activity makes MORE fat.
  • How the body actually sheds bodyfat? (This will shock you!)
  • The key principal you must respect to achieve long-term results!
  • Design a plan that’s uniquely suited to your body.
  • Where misinformation around weight loss comes from & why.
  • And so much more!

This is a no-fad, common sense approach designed to motivate you to get the results you know YOU deserve!
Special Price for a Limited Time!
$139  $89


What My Clients Say About This Program…
“I truly feel like a different person…”
“It is hard to really document the changes in my life and in myself since beginning to work with Pat. I truly feel like a different person. Certainly I look different, and that is important, but it is the way I feel about myself that is so different.” — Megan Williamson
“I crushed… the old negative mental blocks…”
“If I had known what was possible, with so little deprivation and pain, I’d have done your class a long time ago Pat. My mind had made losing weight into a HUGE thing because I’d failed so many times. You helped me see I hadn’t failed, my methods had. I also crushed, absolutely crushed, the old negative mental blocks that held me stuck so long. Thank you for this fabulous program!” — K.E.
“…just because you have a reason, that’s no excuse.”
“I’m a nurse Pat. But I never learned what you taught me here. I’ve told everyone at the hospital about you. Believe it or not, we all use food way too much to deal with the stress. As you said, just because you have a reason, that’s no excuse. I see what I was doing that was actually destroying my results. I wish I’d taken this class years ago but I bet everybody says that who works with you. Everything feels different now. I am already down a size and it’s only a few weeks since the class. I can’t wait to see where this leads me.” — Ellie James
My clients LOVE this unique and effective program. Not only does it work, right now… it’s only $89 (regularly $139) to download!
Grab it while you can!


About Pat Barone

pat-barone-permanent-weight-lossPat Barone, “America’s Weight Loss Catalyst”, is an internationally accredited Master Certified Coach and Board Certified Coach who works with clients to radically change their relationship to food, their bodies and their lives. She’s an inspiring speaker, author and coach who built her successful coaching business, Catalyst Coaching® LLC by helping her clients con- front limiting beliefs, learn new levels of self-care and know true nourishment.

Her well-researched educational products, from e-based downloadable classes to teleseminars to e-books, have positively impacted thousands of people and her enLIGHTen Your Life!TM program is based on a multilevel approach to one of the most complicated subjects human beings face: excess weight.

Pat’s education alone (certifications in personal training, nutrition, coaching and soul aware- ness energy healing) is formidable, but it is her personal experience that makes her unique. After years of struggle, Pat lost over 90+ lbs. and has sustained her weight loss since the year 2000. The medical professional defines permanent weight loss as weight loss sustained for 5 years and more.

She is featured as NBC15’s on-air life coach in Madison, WI.