Female Energy to Empower Weight Loss Audio Class

Female Energy to Empower Weight Loss Audio Class


Using Female Energy to Empower Weight Loss

Audio Class with Pat Barone, MCC

Discover why traditional diet approaches DON’T work for the female body!
In this Audio Class, you will be able to:

  • Learn why women lose weight differently than man (it’s just not hormonal!)
  • Discover ways to combat the leading causes of failure for women – burn out, boredom and injury!
  • Understand why the pursuit of fitness is so frustrating for women
  • Explore key motivators you can use for long-term success
  • Get in touch with long-forgotten body cues

Men & women need different approaches to weight loss. If you want to DRAMATICALLY change your results, it’s time to change your approach!
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Every human possesses both male and female energy… the key is to live from a balanced approach BUT most women today are living from their male energy and that makes weight loss for a FEMALE body practically impossible!
It can be so disheartening to work and sacrifice, only to regain lost weight. Every effort separates us further from our bodies, and that distances us in every aspect of life – for me, it was like watching my life float by without me! Tough!
My clients LOVE this unique class. It’s an eye-opener and can help you understand relationships better too!
PLUS! Right now… It’s only $7.99 (regularly $14.99) to download!
Grab it while you can!

About Pat Barone, MCC

pat-barone-permanent-weight-lossPat Barone, “America’s Weight Loss Catalyst”, is an internationally accredited Master Certified Coach and Board Certified Coach who works with clients to radically change their rela- tionship to food, their bodies and their lives. She’s an inspiring speaker, author and coach who built her successful coaching business, Catalyst Coaching® LLC by helping her clients con- front limiting beliefs, learn new levels of self-care and know true nourishment.
Her well-researched educational products, from e-based downloadable classes to teleseminars to e-books, have positively impacted thousands of people and her enLIGHTen Your Life!TM program is based on a multi-level approach to one of the most complicated subjects human beings face: excess weight.
Pat’s education alone (certifications in personal training, nutrition, coaching and soul aware- ness energy healing) is formidable, but it is her personal experience that makes her unique. After years of struggle, Pat lost over 90+ lbs. and has sustained her weight loss since the year 2000. The medical professional defines permanent weight loss as weight loss sus- tained for 5 years and more.
She is featured as NBC15’s on-air life coach in Madison, WI.