enLIGHTened Masters Permanent Weight Loss Series

enLIGHTened Masters Permanent Weight Loss Series

Reach for your dreams.

Reach for your dreams.

If you are a past participant of enLIGHTen Your Life!

Nurture your growth and deepen your path to lasting weight loss
with enLIGHTened Masters – a new learning experience!

with America’s Weight Loss Catalyst, Pat Barone, MCC

Don’t miss this new opportunity to solidify your new lifestyle and
make your claim on permanent weight loss!

Go for your goal.

Go for your goal.

Permanent weight loss takes time, patience and continued growth. Many participants in the enLIGHTen Your Life! mastermind course

for permanent weight loss have asked for more continued support after the year-long class ends.

So, here it is!

A new “master’s degree” in lifestyle management with all the positivity and reinforcement you need.

Roll to victory!

Roll to victory!

As I maintained my own weight loss of over 90 lbs., I continue to learn valuable new processes that help me sustain my focus and desire for health.

  • Break patterns and habits that don’t work for you.
  • Learn how male and female energies create weight loss differently and learn to use your own energy to create powerful results.
  • Get smart about the subtle and overt messages affecting your attitude about your body, your weight and your success.
  • Design your unique pathway to positive, healthy, permanent weight loss.
  • Harness your own endless, empowering, rejuvenating energy to create real change in your life.
  • Become a kick-ass creator of the single most important factor in success: attitude.


Get Monthly Support in Group AND One-on-One Sessions!

“America’s Weight Loss Catalyst”

Pat Barone, MCC

Pat Barone, MCC

Every year, I teach more and more people how to empower themselves towards better health and permanent weight loss. I use my own experience of attaining permanent weight loss, as well as my professional training as a personal trainer, weight loss consultant, professional credentialed master coach and soul awareness healer.

Permanent weight loss is not about fighting, winning or losing; it is about release.

Permanent weight loss is not about willpower; it is about empowerment.

Permanent weight loss is not about attack; it is about accessing our deepest sustaining energy.

Permanent weight loss is not about what is outside us; it’s about what’s inside, waiting to be accessed and expressed.

What You Get:

Group and One-on-One Attention
  • A 60 to 75 minute group support call once a month for 12 months (day/time TBA based on the group’s needs). Never miss a call! If your schedule suddenly interferes with the call, a link to the recording of the call will be sent to you.
  • A 45-50 minute individual coaching session at a time convenient for you. You choose the topic most timely and pertinent for your stage of weight loss and maintenance!

Learn material available nowhere else.

Be challenged.

Go deeper in the concepts we learned in enLIGHTen Your Life!

Step into a new level of self-knowledge and mastery!

Just $179 per month!

(when you arrange for 12 automatic payments)

Sign up now!


Super Bonus!

Pay for the entire year by December 13th and save even more!

Lower your monthly investment to $159
by paying just $1899 for the entire year!

Currently, clients invest $200 per session to work with Pat. Try finding those rates for work with one of the very few Master Certified Coaches in the world!

If there is anything you have learned in the enLIGHTen Your Life! course, it’s that success follows deliberate thinking and “programming.” We program our thoughts to create the best possible emotions about the work ahead.


Take your personal growth and weight loss further, or reconnect to your passion for health and happiness!

Sorry, this opportunity is available only to graduates of the enLIGHTen Your Life! Group Coaching Program for Permanent Weight Loss.

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