enLIGHTen Your Life OLD

enLIGHTen Your Life OLD

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Catalyst Mastermind Class for Permanent Weight Loss

Will you be one of the 6-10 eager, intelligent people that I
hand-pick to join my 45-week permanent weight loss program?
It’s a big commitment yet you won’t be the same afterward.

The next group is forming soon.

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  • Have you lost weight and regained it over and over?
  • Do you fear losing weight because you experience pain, deprivation or fear when you try dieting?
  • Does all the conflicting weightloss information confuse and frustrate you?
  • Do you look in the mirror and know the reflection isn’t the “true you”?
  • Has your weight begun to affect your health, your personal life or your confidence in yourself?
  • Do you crave permanent weight loss?
  • Do you want FREEDOM?


Permanent Weight Loss is What I Teach

I’m going to give you the skinny right away – a big part of the course is giving you the hard cold truth about weight loss.

  • You will have to change, but the group will support each other in this process. When you see the old, nasty attitudes fading, it will be joyful!
  • Most of the things you learn haven’t been taught anywhere in the world. (“Why don’t they just put this course in college, for EVERYONE?” one of my past class participants asked.)
  • Losing weight GIVES you so much – better health for the rest of your life, lower incidence of disease, greater ease of movement, being more comfortable in your skin. You DESERVE to be treat yourself better!

Think about it. How many people do you know who have lost substantial weight (over 25 lbs) and kept that weight off for more than 5 years? (Five years is the medical marker for permanent weight loss.)

Why don’t you know many people who have accomplished that? Because it’s rare. I had no idea how rare it was until I decided to do it!

After years at the medical school library, in university nutrition courses, and earning multiple certifications in personal training, weight management consulting and professional coaching, I began to help people achieve just what you’ve always dreamed of: permanent weight loss.

Catalyst Coaching is literally changing the way we perceive weight loss in our society, and having positive impact on the percentages of people who both lose weight and keep it off.

It’s time to leave the struggle behind and get to the heart of the matter. Don’t allow your goals to slip further away with each passing day! Here’s your opportunity to invest in your future…

Because I teach every student personally, and there is only one of me, this is a rare opportunity.  You can make this the year you make huge leap towards your dreams!

This Mastermind Group is a chance for you to access
my experience and talents at a fraction of the cost
I charge for one-on-one coaching.

Make no mistake!

What price would you put on your future? What would you pay for an extra 5, 10, 15 or 20 years of life?

What would it cost to have a better quality of life for the rest of your life?

The cost for the enLIGHTen Your Life! group coaching program is $345 per month if automatically billed for 10 months. You can save a whopping $455 by paying for the entire program in one payment of $2,995.

This is a huge savings over individual coaching rates! If you’ve always wanted a coach, but have felt you couldn’t afford it, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to work with one of the nation’s leaders in weight loss coaching at truly affordable rates.

What’s your “latte factor”?

We all make excuses when it comes to spending money on ourselves but many past participants find they save enough money when they stop using excess food and “reward eating”, they easily pay for the course.

It’s aimed at ALL OF YOU!

I designed the enLIGHTen Your Life! mastermind coaching program as a holistic approach which addresses ALL OF YOU: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.

This one-year program helps you:

  • Discover hidden blocks to weight loss
  • Transform your relationship with food
  • Learn the healthiest way to eat for your lifestyle
  • Release limiting beliefs like “it’s hard” or “I can’t seem to lose weight”
  • Get past fear and “hard-to-feel” emotions
  • Find your life purpose and develop a deeper connection to yourself!

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Listen to Faith’s Experience

I believe anxiety, fear and shame around weight gets in the way of sustained progress toward a weight loss goal. Often, weight becomes a reason for not living your dreams, sharing your gifts, or fulfilling your potential. I know this was true for me for a long time. It shouldn’t be so hard!

When I finally decided to lose weight, I knew I didn’t want to do it over and over again. I wanted to do it for good! After all, I had lost weight 15 or 20 times, only to have the weight return. I knew there was something I didn’t know. I went on a quest for the real truth about weight loss.

Not only did I discover why no one tells us about permanent weight loss, I learned very few people understand it at all.

In the past ten years, I’ve educated doctors, bariatric surgeons, psychiatrists, personal trainers, gym owners, nurses and nutritionists about permanent weight loss: the science of it, the mind of it, the heart and soul of it.

It’s Not About Food!

I’ve kept my 90+ lb. weight loss off since the year 2000 and I’ve lost even more in the past year! It’s the only type of weight loss I’m interested in and all I teach. My personal ethics would allow no less.

Focusing on food is deceptive. We will learn about using food in a positive way, but we’ll be looking underneath that smokescreen to solve the underlying problems and roadblocks to lasting change.

Learn to feed yourself for fuel and energy, not for numbing feelings or for unconscious stress relief. That’s powerful!

“I truly feel like a different person…”

“It is hard to really document the changes in my life and in myself since beginning to work with Pat. I truly feel like a different person. Certainly I look different, and that is important, but it is the way I feel about myself that is so different.” — Megan Williamson


What You’ll Accomplish:

  • Become a powerful decision-maker
  • Trade unconscious living and eating for conscious choice
  • Build effective boundaries with friends, family, coworkers
  • Overcome excuses, denial and procrastination
  • Create new habits and beliefs that build health and vitality
  • Learn your chief sabotaging tendencies and get out of your own way!
  • Smash negative thinking patterns
  • Uncover the reasons for emotional eating and change your responses
  • Deepen the connection to your spiritual self and discover your life purpose

and access….

  • Accountability, both from Pat and the group
  • Countless tips and tools – useful in thousands of situations
  • A source of strength and motivation like you’ve never felt before


Here’s your opportunity to invest in your future…

Because I teach every student personally, and there is only one of me, this is a rare opportunity.  You can make this the year you make huge leap towards your dreams!

I invite you to join me now for this amazing program. I’ve honed it through the years to help you work through each of the layers that must change to develop lasting change.

Ninety-nine percent of all weight loss formulas and approaches address the physical aspect of weight loss ONLY. I’ve designed this mastermind group approach to unfold beautifully yet logically through all the layers: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Making change only gets harder each year, so signup right now!

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Health is the only wealth there is. Nothing matters without it.

Don’t hesitate! Join me for the experience of a lifetime!

Best of Success

P.S. Please contact me if you need further information or wish to be considered for the next class!  We’ll set up a short, informal interview and you can get clear on your next step. Email me or call 608-231-6750.


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