Divine Goddess Weight Loss Product

Divine Goddess Weight Loss Product


Divine Goddess Weight Loss

Harness Your Divine Feminine Power to Create Lasting Weight Loss


Discover Another way to Approach Nourishment, Activity, Weight and Body Image

Includes 5 empowering audio classes + a 34-page workbook!

In this Powerful Class, you will:

  • Understand masculine and feminine energy and how both aspects affect your own personal energy
  • Learn how male and female energies create weight loss differently
  • Learn what subtle and overt messages create our attitudes about our bodies, our weight and our success
  • And MUCH more!

Special Price for a Limited Time!

$139    $89


You will have access to material that is available nowhere else and be challenged by the class experience.

You’ll get 5 hours of dynamic programming with Pat:

  • Class 1 – Energy and its Role in Our “Diet World”
  • Class 2 – Personal Energy Assessment and Work
  • Class 3 – Divine Feminine Nourishment and Activity
  • Class 4 – Sexuality and Sexual Expression
  • Class 5 – Embracing the Divine
  • PLUS! A 34-page downloadable/printable workbook.

Learn a positive, affirming approach to Permanent Weight Loss that honors your deepest female values and emotions.

My clients LOVE this EMPOWERING class. Not only is it POWERFUL, right now… it’s only $89 (regularly $139) to download!

Grab it while you can!



What My Clients Are Saying…

This course has REVOLUTIONIZED my life…

“This course has REVOLUTIONIZED my life. Yes, I’ve sabotaged most (OK all), of my previous weight loss efforts. But NOW I see why and how that happened. And I’m sure I would have continued that yo-yo thing the rest of my life if I hadn’t taken this course. Now, I’m losing weight in an entirely different way with an entirely different mindset. Thank you!” – Alana, age 42
It helped me get to the root of my weight issue…

“Pat, I’ve studied your work for years and it continues to expand and grow, but the Divine Goddess Weight Loss course has to be your best work ever. It helped me get to the root of my weight issue. I was living my life backwards, if that makes any sense. Since I took the course, I changed the way I work, changed the way I take care of my body and right now I’m taking care of shopping for much smaller clothes. I see I’m relating to the men in my life differently too, and receiving such positive reinforcement from both men and women for the changes I’ve made. Most of them say they want what I’ve got now, a real sense of myself as a woman, living in her positive feminine energy, who just happens to be losing weight easily. You hit a home-run with this one!” – C.G., age 50
I learned so much about the choices I’ve been making in my life…

“Love, love, love the Divine Goddess Weight Loss course. So simple and real. So effective! I knew the moment you started talking every word was the truth. I think women who don’t struggle with their weight should take it too. I learned so much about the choices I’ve been making in my life, and how I can be more authentically female, even in today’s society where that’s become a dirty word.” – C.M.M., age 45


About Pat Barone

pat-barone-permanent-weight-lossPat Barone, “America’s Weight Loss Catalyst”, is an internationally accredited Master Certified Coach and Board Certified Coach who works with clients to radically change their relationship to food, their bodies and their lives. She’s an inspiring speaker, author and coach who built her successful coaching business, Catalyst Coaching® LLC by helping her clients con- front limiting beliefs, learn new levels of self-care and know true nourishment.

Her well-researched educational products, from e-based downloadable classes to teleseminars to e-books, have positively impacted thousands of people and her enLIGHTen Your Life!TM program is based on a multilevel approach to one of the most complicated subjects human beings face: excess weight.

Pat’s education alone (certifications in personal training, nutrition, coaching and soul aware- ness energy healing) is formidable, but it is her personal experience that makes her unique. After years of struggle, Pat lost over 90+ lbs. and has sustained her weight loss since the year 2000. The medical professional defines permanent weight loss as weight loss sustained for 5 years and more.

She is featured as NBC15’s on-air life coach in Madison, WI.