Diets, Deprivation and Permanent Weight Loss

Working out at the gym today, I heard a personal trainer tell her client, “If you want to lose weight, you just gotta learn to deprive yourself!”

Oh, brother!

I used to be surprised when a “fitness professional” said stupid things.  Now, I don’t even blink.

Since we’ve been preaching deprivation and diets in a mainstream for over 50 years, and developed a huge obesity “epidemic”, you would think the “fitness profession” (gulp, choke) would have wised up.  In fairness, many do get it, but deprivation and dieting stupidity still reigns.

Does dieting work?

No, if dieting worked, we would all be thin in America.  We diet more than any country on earth, and we are the fattest.  We need to wake up, get a clue and connect the dots.

Dieting leads to weight regain 99% of the time (when more than 25 lbs. are lost) and the average regain is 108%.  Does that sound like “working” to you?

Why doesn’t dieting work?

Dieting doesn’t work because it’s a form of malnutrition.  At any given time, more than half of all U.S. women are eating less than 1,500 calories a day in an attempt to lose weight. Almost 90% of seventh-grade girls are already malnourishing themselves on a regular basis.

Since that is not enough calories to maintain healthy body function, the body reacts.  It lowers metabolism.  It impairs thyroid, adrenal, pancreatic and other natural systems in the body.

Weight that comes back comes back faster every time a diet is undertaken, due to the impact on these regulating body systems.

My clients who have had weight loss or bariatric surgery have the fastest regain rates because of this impact – the faster weight is lost, the faster it returns.

In addition, since food becomes an “enemy”, food addiction, dysfunctional eating and eating disorders like binging and bulimia grow, destroying healthy mindsets, wreaking havoc on emotions and undercutting self-esteem.  This makes it so hard to escape the excess weight and find a healthy weight for life.

Been there, done that!  Stopped doing that too!

Stop doing that!

There are better and easier ways to adjust to a healthier weight, and keep the weight loss results.  As I approach my 12th year anniversary of sustaining substantial weight loss (74 lb weight loss 12 years ago +20 lbs in the last two years = 94 lbs total), I can teach you how to achieve permanent weight loss.

In celebration of 12 years, I have put two of my most popular classes on automatic download, allowing me to reduce the prices for you!  Check it out: Instant Access to Permanent Weight Loss.


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