Coaching Services Offered by Catalyst(R)

After losing over 70 lbs. and maintaining that weight loss since the year 2000, Pat Barone has coached hundreds of clients in her one-on-one and group coaching practice. She has influenced thousands through her dynamic seminars, weight loss products and speaking engagements.

After becoming a certified Weight Management Consultant and a Certified Personal Trainer, Pat set out to help others lose weight permanently. Her mission was to raise the percentage of those who attain permanent weight loss (defined by the medical profession as weight loss that is sustained for 5+ years).

Almost at once she noticed a gaping hole in her repertoire, the ability to help clients with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of weight loss. When she realized that professional coaching techniques would bridge the gap, she immediately enrolled at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the oldest and largest coach training organization. Certification as professional coach (CPCC) through CTI and accreditation as PCC with the International Coach Federation followed.

Today, she is a master-level coach with over 5,000 hours of coaching experience coaching clients from a wide variety of professions on 4 continents.

If you would like more information about teaming with Pat to write the next chapter of your life, contact Pat.