What Clients Say


“You have got to work with this woman! She is amazing. I have learned so much. After losing over 50 lbs, I can’t even imagine living life the way I was living.”
— Jane, Real Estate Agent, Age 42
“I always thought I had to be on a diet to lose weight but I have learned a different approach and a healthier one. It made me very nervous at first not to have a list of what exactly to eat, but when I had a list, I could never follow it for more than a couple days anyway. I am learning to make my own choices and it’s a completely new thing for me! I am making mistakes, for sure, but I am learning and it is such a relief not to feel like slave.”
– Wendy, Graphic Artist, Age 35
Looking back, it’s really quite sad to me but I never had anyone in my corner, urging me to do a better job, cheering my victories… Now that I have experienced having a coach who wants nothing but my success, I am learning to be a better nurturer of my own health and to be kinder to myself. I would recommend Pat as a coach to anyone who doesn’t want to stay stuck in the same old negative patterns.” – Jonelle, Teacher, Age 36
“Pat – I have worked with you for about a year and lost 35 lbs. What is so important to me is that I know that weight will never come back! I never felt so secure about this in my life – because I know I changed tremendously through this process. It never occurred to me this was what it was all about – I really thought it had something to do with calories! Now I look at food in a totally different way and I don’t agonize over it anymore!”
– Tara, Beautician, Age 34
“Just when I felt there was no hope, I learned a sane approach that allowed me to lose weight comfortably without restricting my whole life.”– Ellen, Attorney, Age 42
“Pat, I write to you with an apology. We worked together for almost 8 months and I just couldn’t get my head around the things I was learning from you. It was so different than how I was “programmed.” Then, I was actually floating in my pool one day — all alone so no one would see me in a swim suit! — and it hit me. I got it! It’s not food. It’s not a magic exercise program. It’s not a pill. It’s me that had to change. 

I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me. It was hard. But you never gave up! And you didn’t let me give up! After my stubborn mind caught up to my learning, I lost 40 pounds in the next 9 months. It just left! I can’t explain how right it felt. I’m so so grateful to you. I left a lot of things behind in the last two years — some bad relationships, a lot of weight, a job that wasn’t fulfilling to me — but I got a whole new life out of the deal. Please print my story!”
– Anabelle, Technical Writer, Age 32