Permanent Weight Loss with Pat Barone

Not sure where to start? I’ve come up with 4 simple assessments to help you understand where you are in each area: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Start here!
The Soul Heals

Take your weight loss journey to another level with the gentle & transformative process of Soul Awareness Healing.

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Create a Happy Divorce

Discover Pat's unique program for respectful disengagement and focus on growth and self-knowledge!

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enLIGHTen Your Life™

Will you be one of the 6-10 eager, intelligent people that I hand-pick to join my 45-week permanent weight loss program?

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Stop Renting Weight Loss! Blog

  • Staying Positive (in Weight Loss and Life)

    Nothing is better for a human being than change. It enlivens, awakens, empowers. It’s a breeding ground for positivity. Change for my clients means weight loss, greater health, new or better relationships, enlivening careers, and better leadership of self and others. No matter what brings them to me, there’s a

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