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Own Every Bite Permanent Weight Loss Program with Pat Barone
Own Every Bite Permanent Weight Loss Program with Pat Barone
Plunge into 31 Days of Transformational Growth and Learning!
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Real Change for Permanent Weight Loss Podcast with Pat Barone, MCC
FREE Podcast! Learn the 4 Vital Steps to Prepare for REAL Change! Do YOU want to leave the “diet” and “regain” life FOREVER? Access the audio and get EMPOWERED now!
EnLIGHTen Your LifeTM
Will you be one of the 6-10 eager, intelligent people that I hand-pick to join my 45-week permanent weight loss program?
It’s a big commitment yet you won’t be the same afterward!


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Win the Food Fight
Get the facts that I learned as I lost over 70 pounds and helped hundreds lose weight permanently! This 4-CD collection is designed to educate, raise awareness and eradicate destructive behavior with food.
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The Hard Cold Truth
Finally, learn the TRUTH about Permanent Weight Loss! Find out what type of activity makes MORE fat and discover HOW the body actually sheds body fat. (Prepare yourself… this will shock you!)
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Divine Goddess Weight Loss
Harness your divine feminine power to create lasting weight loss! This class will help you see another way to approach nourishment, activity, weight and body image.
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